Gemstone Consultation

In Vedic astrology, high-quality natural gemstones are understood as most significant factors that channelize health and happiness in one’s life. Apt gemstone consultation is extremely important for letting one to lead satisfying and blissful life as it suggests about the gems that can be best for remedial purposes. Gemstones are considered apt for favorable fortune, healed emotional & spiritual existence, improved health, well established financial stability, social affluence and so on. Gemstones have been predominantly used since ancient times as it has been a deciding factor for apt channelization of power, knowledge, prosperity, enlightenment, wisdom, awakening and ultimately the supreme bliss that one can get after perfectly establishing connection with supreme soul. When one wears gemstones after consulting with astrologer, then gem supports them in the most beneficial manner. Astrologers suggest gems that are most fitting for you. They analyze your horoscope and planetary significance in your life, then they suggest gemstone as per your requirements.

From business to education to illness, gemstones are helpful in every aspect. Politicians, businesspersons, stars, authors and beauty queens, prefer it. Gems channelize life-benefits and according to Vedic astrology our 9 planets are associated with 9 special gemstones. Ruby belongs to sun, pearl to moon while coral is associated with mars. Emerald belongs to mercury, yellow sapphire belongs to Jupiter and diamond is associated with Venus. For Saturn, blue sapphire is fitting gemstone while hessonite and cat’s eyes are respectively associated with Rahu & Ketu.

Advantages of Gemstone Consultations are

  • Gemstone consultation lets you know about the perfect gemstone that will channelize benefits of particular god as per your requirements. It also removes planetary negativities from one’s life quite effectively
  • Astrologers also let you know about the secondary stones that can also be equally fitting for you in case you find primary gemstone costly. Solutions of life miseries are effectively provided by gemstone consultation services
  • Removal of body’s negative energy-flow is also effectively done by gemstones. They channelize healing energy in one’s body that removes all types of negative impacts of evil forces and negative energies
  • Physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing are aptly channelized by these gemstones. They also offer quite effective therapeutic advantages in wearers’ life

How our Astrologers help you through Gemstone Consultation

  • Gemstones prescribed by our gemstone experts are apt for removing all types of negativities and miseries from one’s life, as our experts suggest them after analyzing one’s natal chart
  • Gems suggested by Pundit Ji aptly offer removal of negative & destructive influences of black magic, evil forces and planetary disfavor. Vedic veracity in all our gemstone consultation services is fully guaranteed
  • Pandit Ji is also available for free consultation through mail, message or telephone. If you wish for personal meeting with Pundit Ji in USA then we may also arrange that for you

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