Health related solution

Astrology encompasses every domain of human existence and it can provide effective health related solutions too. Without ensuring good health, one cannot enjoy other fields of life. Astrologers analyze birth chart of individuals to understand the upcoming health issues and by knowing that, they suggest and provide effective health related solutions that mitigate all types of health issues. Health Solutions of astrology are dependent on the correlation amongst planets arrangements, zodiac signs, celestial influence and diseases.. Astrologers understand all this through their meticulous observation and then they provide exact solutions. First step of health analysis is based on the analysis of Ascendant, which is known as the 1st house of individual as it represents body as a whole.

Astrologers use basic principles of determining strength and weakness of that individual by analyzing all such details and then they provide most fitting solutions. Health related solutions are also based in natal vitality that is analyzed through 8th house of the chart that combines life force. It is also important for knowing about the longevity of that individual. Health Astrology can effectively diagnose future diseases too by analyzing planetary movement, and it can also suggest most fitting solutions. If bad planets are in bad house, or, if planets receive bad aspects, or, bad planets is positioned in ascendant then that can be the reason for health related solutions.

  • Health related solutions come under medical astrology in which each particular house correlates with particular part of the body, and by aptly analyzing that, astrologers provide apt Health related solutions.
  • Any types of planetary affliction or weakness in houses are analyzed through birth charts, and through that astrologers can update about the vulnerability of individual towards particular disease, also by providing exact details of time & duration. Astrologers also suggest apt astrological practices through which all such negativities can be effectively removed
  • Health related solutions are suggested after analysis of one’s horoscope details as it is inevitable to understand planetary influence on one’s life
  • Solutions for chronic health problems, acute health issues or life threatening diseases are effectively provided by astrologers by suggesting apt pujas and other practices that are effective in removing all health related problems

How Pandit ji Helps You through Health Related Solutions:

  • We include remedology and remedial pujas that provide effective Vedic solutions of all the health related problems
  • Health related solutions are provided to safeguard individual from all types of negative forces in the most fitting and customized manner
  • Pandits Ji suggests conduction of Puja as per one’s health condition. He analyzes one’s horoscope and then suggests pujas that remove all types of negativities
  • Free Consultation for Health related solutions is available and one can call us anytime

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