Education Astrology

Parents always face innumerable trial and tribulations while deciding educational options that are fit for their children. Knowing and then providing apt education to child that can ensure future success are important for successful future of your child, in this world of cutthroat competitions everywhere.  Education astrology helps you in this by aptly analyzing all the different possible career options that will be fitting and beneficial for your child. Proper analysis of one’s horoscope can efficiently provide a view about the educational potentials and professions related to a child, and our astrologers do that with Vedic veracity. Astrologers help in understanding micro level of specialization of kids’ inner hidden talent by letting parents be aware of their latent talent, before skills will be visible to kids & family members. This leads to an assurance of successful channelization of astrological benefits in kids’ life, as everything will go as per their celestial calculations, which is extremely important for happy and successful life.

Astrologers locate one’s educational propensities through proper examination of birth chart and they also tell about all the favorable and unfavorable astrological combinations. Unfavorable astrological combinations are aptly systematized that helps children lead a successful life, written in their destiny.  Astrologers efficiently deal with the astrological combinations that are important to identity and integrate the hidden potentials of humankind.

Important characteristics of Education Astrology are:

  • Educational achievements of an individual in analyzed by considering 1,2,3,4,5 and 9th houses of one’s horoscope and their related lords. Generally, education astrology takes second house as the house for education, which provides all the details regarding one’s education.
  • Knowing dignity of the lord of the first house is also greatly important for considering one’s astrological measures regarding their education, and astrologers do that adeptly
  • Fourth house is also considered quite apt for knowing about one’s educational prospective that are favorable. Lords of 5th and the 9th house are considered quite malefic if they are in unfavorable positions, but in educational perspective, they play significant roles in one’s life. Astrologers ensure channelization of their benefits in one’s life
  • If there are patterns like; debility of 2,4,5th house lord, debilitated mercury, debilitated Jupiter, placement of 2,4,5th house lords in between two malefic planets, or if second house is placed with malefic planets such as placement of Saturn or Ragu or both together, etc. then it can be unfavorable for one’s educational growth. Astrologers remove all such problems from one’s horoscope

We help you through Education Astrology

  • Guru Ji analyzes all the astrological patterns responsible for one’s educational prospects, and then he provides most fitting solutions that will ensure educational success
  • We help you in knowing most fitting educational options for you that are fixed in your horoscope for letting you lead in your life
  • Pandit Ji is always available for consultation and one can also meet him personally in USA

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