27 Nakshatras 27 Nakshatras Vedic veracity is ensured in all the predictions made through Nakshatras and they are also responsible for governing human awareness & consciousness
12 Rashis 12 Rashis 12 Rashis are greatly significant for astrological purposes as every individual is associated with particular Rashi that tells about one’s future & fortune
Nine Grahas Nine Grahas Nine Grahas/ Planets are the governing bodies responsible for channelizing natural laws. They are highly significant in deciding future & fortune of human beings
Marriage Astrology Marriage Astrology Astrological practices followed by our astrologers comprise absolute Vedic veracity in effective removal of all marriage related issues
Education Astrology Education Astrology We analyze all the astrological patterns responsible for one’s educational prospects, and then we suggest most fitting Vedic solutions that will ensure educational success
Business Astrology Business Astrology Impeded profits & decreased revenues are removed from your business world, as we resolve Business Problems in befitting astrological manner
Horoscope reading Horoscope reading provides accurate horoscope predictions with complete Vedic accuracy, & paves you towards better future
Numerology Numerology Numerology aptly understands your destiny and it lucratively tells you about your weaknesses, strength, your future fortune by calculating numbers & their relations with universe
Astrology consultation Astrology consultation Get best & most fitting astrology consultation, which is given by Pandits Ji after aptly analyzing your natal charts that effectively invigorates your life in satisfying way.