Marriage Astrology

In India, marriage is understood as a sacred ritual that combines two souls for seven life times. Marriage is understood as the conglomeration of family, relatives along with extended family and  neighbors, and most importantly, it belongs to Kundali matching of both partners. Kundali matching is one of the most important deciding factors of Hindu marriages, and it is said that if horoscopes of the future bride and groom perfectly match, only then they can enjoy a happy married life. While on the other side, horoscope-mismatch may lead marriages towards dissatisfaction.

Marriage astrology is associated with all these procedures as it is related to all the functioning connected to Kundali matching and related processes, and if, in any case, horoscope details do not match, then marriage astrology tells about effective astrological solutions. Such solutions can remove all types of impeding reasons that are hampering matching of partners’ horoscope. Marriage astrology belongs to horoscope compatibility or horoscope matching in which, horoscope of boy and girl, or, future bride and groom are analyzed and matched. It belongs to all the calculations regarding Varna, Maitri, Vyas, Gana, Nadi, Bhakut, etc. qualities related to their horoscopes.

Know the characteristics related to marriage astrology:

  • In Marriage astrology, qualities or Gunas of partners are matched and each quality has maximum obtainable points, and if 36 qualities (Gunas) match then that marriage is considered as perfect, but this scenario is hypothetical. Astrologers count maximum number of matching qualities in Kundali Milan that tells about the future prospects of marriage
  • Matching sun signs of bride and groom is another way used for matchmaking in marriage astrology and it lets you find compatibility points of both partners in future life
  • Marriage astrology is associated with Nakshatra Match (Star Match) along with Kuja Dosha Check (Mangal Dosha), Dosha Saamyam and Dasha Sandhi. If astrologers find any such problems, then they provide most fitting remedial Vedic solutions for nullifying all such issues
  • Marriage astrology is helpful in letting you lead a meaningful and trouble-free love-full married life. It is also responsible for making both partners to be more receptive to each other that lets your future be blissful

Get best marriage astrology solutions from Pandit ji:

  • We provide marriage astrology that offers a best aid in selecting the right soul mate. We reveal harmonious configurations between you and your future partners with absolute Vedic veracity
  • We provides accurate matchmaking according to marriage astrology norms, and by doing so we ensure harmonious balance, happiness and fulfillment in married lives
  • Pandit Ji analyzes all the birth chart details of both partners, and then he provides suggestions and solutions apt for letting you have fulfilling and blissful married life. In case of unavailability of birth chart, we also provide birth chart calculation with complete accuracy
  • Pandit Ji is always available for free consultations at his centre in USA

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