12 Rashis

The world of Vedic Jyotish belongs to the twelve Rashis and their astrological significance. As per Vedic scriptures, universe is comprised of twelve Rashis, which are generally known as the astrological signs, and play significant role in deciding one’s fortune. All the twelve Rashis have their separate relation with a particular part of the body, while Nine Planets do governance of universal body. Planets & Rashis play a decisive role in letting your astrologer understand all the details hidden in your horoscope, as all the calculations of Vedic Jyotish is based on both of these factors along 27 Nakshatras.

Every individual belongs to a particular Rashi, which is decided by month of birth and natal charts. Astrologers predict future by aptly analyzing one’s Rashi & related details. English & Sanskrit names of twelve Rashis are:

  1. Aries-Mesha
  2. Taurus-Vrishabha
  3. Gemini-Mithuna
  4. Cancer-Karka
  5. Leo-Simha
  6. Virgo-Kanya
  7. Libra-Tula
  8. Scorpio-Vrishchika
  9. Sagittarius-Dhanu
  10. Capricorn-Makara
  11. Aqurius-Kumbha
  12. Pisces-Meena

In one year, Sun revolves around these Rashis, and for passing every Rashi, Sun takes one month, and that is why, month of everyone’s birth belongs to particular Rashi that tells all the details related to that person.

Indian Hindu Astrologer & Twelve Rashis

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  • Pundit Ji is also available for free face to face consultation and you can fix a meeting with him at his centre in USA
  • Vedic Jyotish services based on 12 Rashis are aptly offered to you in a customized manner with absolute Vedic veracity

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