Nine Grahas

The nine planets are the primary factors that govern Natural Laws, which are responsible for the channelization of universe.  Different planets are influential in directing various characteristics in earthlings, as Sun is associated with consciousness, while Moon is related with cosmic mind. Mercury belongs to the channelization of cosmic intellect and Venus relates with love & compassion.

These nine planets are considered very significant for deciding fortune and future of every individual, because life of earthlings are governed by the laws of nature, which are motivated by celestial influences. Planets administer existence of every entity in this universe and they do it with human beings too, as they decide every event of one’s life. Planets authorize our existence, and nine planets who govern us are:

  1. Sun-Surya
  2. Mon-Chandra
  3. Mars-Mangal
  4. Jupiter-Guru
  5. Mercury-Budha
  6. Venus-Shukra
  7. Saturn-Shani
  8. Descending lunar node-Ketu
  9. Ascending lunar node-Rahu

Human existence and related philosophies have multiple facets, and every aspect of these facets is correlated with celestial arrangements. Human physiology is governed by cosmic physiology, which is nothing but planets and their positions in one’s horoscope. Planets further join Nakshatra & Rashi for deciding events that come in front of human being at different stages of life. Astrology understands significance of all these celestial bodies in the most accurate manner, and hence reveals all the future secrets associated with every individual. It also understands planetary arrangements due to past lives of any individuals, that is why it offers solutions for all types of life problems.

Indian Hindu Astrologer & Nine Planets

  • Pundit Ji can exactly calculate the times of forthcoming events and their significance in your life through his expertize in Vedic Jyotish
  • Services of Indian Hindu Astrologer are offered in a well-customized manner that will let you enjoy a happy and well-safeguarded life
  • We also provide free consultation regarding planets’ impact on one’s life, and you may feel free to contact us

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